Monday, October 24, 2005


Bullwinkle Season 3
Stuart (Firestorm) Moore writes:

More topical madness from the third-season DVD set of ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE:

This "Fractured Fairy Tale" is pretty odd even by the standards of the series...but it does involve ritual spanking of prisoners (hmm) and hundreds of people getting their fingers broken. Plus, uh, this:

Bullwinkle Season 3ii
Thanks, Stuart! Now quit screwing around with DVDs and bring back The Hyena!



Anonymous said...

I just killed the Hyena in Villains United.

So there.


Superfrankenstein said...

But I've been waiting 27 years to see him again. I just KNOW if given the chance he'd have been an asset to the Legion of Doom.

Now that will never happen.


Anonymous said...

Ah. But.

Which Hyena did you kill?


Mike said...

My favorite uncaught typo -- remember, in the days before computers, when stuff was typed and statted and just laid out that way -- during my reign of terror at DC was the month my trade newsletter went out soliciting orders for the next issue of "Firestorm, the Unclear Man."