Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fit To Be, Uh, Tied

STFU, a blogger so passionate he recently threatened to carve me up with a butter knife, live-blogged last night's ballgame:
Top third -- Game going fast, so far. Man, Kay sucks [...] So Kay is saying that Wells claims if the Sox get back to the Series, he'll retire after the season. Here's hoping the SOB is back next season . . . Please, stick an ice pick in my head if I have to listen to this financial report another second. How about a giant rally here, the Yankees can put up a 10-spot and then these guys can talk about the action instead of contract clauses like this was some frigging July series against Detroit? . . . I'd like to see Wells take a liner in the nuts.
He says he'll probably cover today's and tomorrow's games, so if you're a fan of The Three Ps -- psychopathology, profanity and pink -- check in on him. But don't go alone.

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STFU said...

OK, after that kind of pub, I have little choice other than to guarantee that I will be on hand Saturday at 1:20 p.m. Eastern.