Monday, October 17, 2005

We're #1!



Anonymous said...

Really, the normal kind should be enough for anybody.

el duque said...


Congratulations on this behind-numbing achievement!

But don't expect No. 2,, and the always tough No. 3, superpooper, to take this lying down.

Watch your back, Superfrankenstein. And don't get cocky.

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

I don't think superchicken will take it lying down, i think they will take it on all fours. Well Tom, you must be proud.Hope you don't forget I am responsible for about 50% of your increase, from saying super anal sex in so many comment posts. By the way, without any cheap plugs or trackbacks, I am now number one with MSN for "Hey Everyone, Here is a serious notice for all the broke people" Thanks again Tom for the best "SUPER ANAL SEX" I have ever had.