Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Fuckin' useless!


jdonelson.nyc said...

Game 5, 9th inning, man on first, down by 2. I don't think David Ortiz grounds into a double-*&#@$!-play. And I bet they're still going to give that douchebag A-Rod the MVP.

Would Paul O'Neill have grounded into a double play in that spot? Scott Brosius? Ahhhh cripes. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Mike said...

I can't root for the Yankees to win as long as they have NimRod, since I don't ever want him to win anything.

By the way, since Game 3 of the ALCS last year, what's he hitting in the postseason, .100? He was useless while the BoSox swept (something like 2-15), and he was 2-15 vs. Los Caliheimgeles.

Aside from which, I have been saying all along that all any pitcher needs to do in the postseason is throw him a little chin music and he'll just run back to the dugout to change his undies. In the 2000 ALCS when Clemens was still a Yankees mercenary and A-Rod had convinced the Mariners not to trade him (stupid, stupid, stupid M's), Clemens threw Rodriguez a bow tie in his first AB and Rodriguez meekly went through THAT series.

And remember, folks, he left the Mariners to join Texas, where he "could win."

Now, to contrast... Derek Jeter was out and fighting the entire series, including a hit his last AB and a HR his prior AB. He may not make as much money, he may not be the defensive whiz at short that E-Rod is, but he's all about playing the game. Rodriguez, Giambi, Sheffield... they just haven't stepped up in the clutch for the Yankees.

If the Yankees want to win, they need to trade Rodriguez.

Mike said...

Oh, and jdonelson.nyc... since the MVP voting took place prior to the beginning of the playoffs, yup, I'd bet he won the MVP. And deservedly so. He had equivalent offensive stats to Ortiz and plays the field. But if Ortiz won, I wouldn't be unhappy, because he has the intangibles that made Kirk Gibson a good choice in 1988.

Superfrankenstein said...

If the Yankees want to win, they need to trade Rodriguez.

Who could afford him? Halliburton?

jdonelson.nyc said...

I think the voters will agree with you, Mike. Rodriguez did steal bases and play defense. But has there ever been an MVP who was so reviled in his own hometown? It burns my tongue to say something as sacriligeous as this, but I would give the award to Ortiz over A-Clod in a heartbeat. I watched Yankee games all year, and Rodriguez lost as many games for them with crucial errors, grounding out to third, or watching the third strike (don't even get me started on how much he likes watching strike 3) as he won with a clutch hit. Ortiz on the other hand, pretty much carried the Sox into the playoffs single-handedly when they were fading in September.

If only A-Rod had signed with the Mets. He would have been so happy over there, never having to play in a meaningful game after July, much less get a whiff of his dreaded playoffs. Look how far he took the Rangers when he won the MVP with them. Worst! MVP! ever!