Friday, January 13, 2006

Mondovi, Wisconsin, Hello.

I know, I have to stop harping on James Frey and A Million Little Pieces. But first, two great moments from the CNN transcript of his shame-sauna with Larry King:

FREY: I don't think -- I think you could probably find people who would dispute every memoir that was ever published. And a lot of them have been disputed. When Jerzy Kosinski's "Painted Bird" came out and became a big success several years afterwards, people said, "You know what? Jerzy Kosinski never went through the Holocaust." It's happened with a number of recent memoirs. It tends to happen with a lot of the more high-profile memoirs.

KING: And Jerzy killed himself. I'm not suggesting -- Mondovi, Wisconsin, hello.
Larry later helped us understand the issue as only he could:
KING: I know that the first famous person I interviewed, let's say, was Bobby Darin. Now, I have -- that's 49 years ago. Now, maybe it was Danny Thomas, you know? And someone might write and say, you know, it was Danny Thomas before Bobby Darin. And I might say, I could have sworn it was Bobby Darin. So, that could happen.


rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

that man was mummified ten years ago.

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