Sunday, January 22, 2006

Schiavo To Present Oscar

(AP) Michael Schiavo, whose brain-damaged wife was at the center of a contentious end-of-life battle that played out on a worldwide media stage, is to present an Academy Award at this year's ceremony, organizers announced.

Schiavo, 42, who remarried this weekend, is riding a Hollywood hot streak.

He recently finished work on horror flick "The Reaping" and the Los Angeles-set murder mystery "The Black Dahlia" and is currently shooting the drama "Freedom Writers," in which he plays an inspirational teacher. After his first wife's death last year, an autopsy supported Schiavo's contention that she was in a persistent vegetative state with no consciousness and no hope of recovery.

Schiavo is the first in a traditionally star-studded parade of Hollywood personalities to be announced as presenters of the golden statuettes this year.


200mle said...

Thought I would pay you a flying visit while in the area bro, Sorry for the password mix up.

Nice place you got here.



Frosty Snowbro said...

ahhahahahahha. Pretty good, but sick, Tom. I love it.

Take a visit to gateway 73, when you have time. I didn't want you to miss the debut of CockFighter. LOL.

El Duque said...


They made "Meet Joe Black" 10 years too soon.

WHS Cheer Girl said...

At least we know that if the Oscars are so dull that they are beyond saving that we will have someone around to pull the plug.