Saturday, January 07, 2006

Miers Withdrawn As A.H.O.Y. Nominee

miersThe Bush administration withdrew the Asshole Of the Year (A.H.O.Y.) nomination of White House Counsel Harriet Miers yesterday, bowing to intensifying attacks from right-leaning activists challenging the depth of her asshole credentials and the strength of her asshole qualifications.

The decision was sealed in a phone call between Miers and President Bush on Thursday night, and it abruptly reopened the search for a successor to the pivotal seat held by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Bush said he will name a new candidate in a "timely manner," but observers question whether the White House can accomplish that before tomorrow's's voting deadline.

Cast your ballot before the polls close Sunday night.


el duque said...


There are lines in Ohio and discrepancies being reported in Florida. Should we hold the polls open one more day?

We do have a tally underway, but I am not at liberty to disclose information on this non-secure line.

Oday ouya derstandnay?

lnay uqueday

Superfrankenstein said...

Sorry. When you asked me if we should keep the polls open one more day, I was gagged and tied to a chair in the back room of a boarded-up storefront leased to a holding company owned (on paper, anyway) by the wife of a certain A.H.O.Y. front-runner.

Luckily, my trained rat Bucky followed me at a safe distance, entered my prison through a drainpipe and chewed through my bonds.

But I guess it's too late now to keep the polls open. Which means that a certain A.H.O.Y. front runner got just what he wanted.