Friday, June 16, 2006

New Jack Chick Joint

Read it here.


kris stacks:to much free time said...

Between the movie stars hospital room (420)& repeated mention of cleaning toilets,I think this tells us a lot about Jack Chick.

Michael said...

That is CLASSIC Chick! Get's in a little Catholic bashing and politcian bashing and do I detect a perhaps a twinge of homophobia?

It even uses one of the classic Chick images at the end of the strip.

Interesting how this one features a black protagonist - the modern black church tends to be very conservative - is that Chick's audience now? (And since Chick started these tracts to spread the Word to undereducated people, is there a racist assumption behind this newly targeted audience?).

Daisy is also classic Chick, including her seeming indifference to whether this man goes to Hell or not. (Despite Douglas's great concern, Daisy keeps putting him off until she's good and ready. Good think he doesn't die while she's scrubbing the toilet.)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any idea who drew this? This isn't a Chick artist I recognize, in fact I don't know what's the most recent tract I've seen...the writing is pure Chicky goodness, though.