Friday, June 30, 2006

New bin Laden Tape Praises Star Jones Reynolds

Osama_bin_LadenA message purporting to be from Osama bin Laden has been released online in which the head of al-Qaeda praises Star Jones Reynolds, the fired co-host of "The View," and warns Barbara Walters not to be "too happy" about her ouster.gglobesarrive05g

Reynolds, 74, was fired on June 28 after leaking word that her contract wouldn't be renewed. Ms. Walters hailed her dismissal as a "severe blow to al-Qaeda."

But bin Laden says that al-Qaeda will continue with operations against The View and its allies. "Star's story will live forever with the stories of the celebrities, so don’t cry over one who is not missing," bin Laden said. "She can teach the world a lesson on how to seize freedom... and how to resist tyrants like Barbara Walters."