Friday, June 16, 2006


Spysmasher has posted a lot of crazy comments on this blog, but I never thought he'd sink this low.


spysmasher said...

I did not post that.

It's part of the new fad here...

"Post crazy things and attribute them to Spysmasher! Since we have no ideas and only know how to SMEAR people, let's try to smear him!"

Unfortunately, I was QUITE prepared for you all to sink this low. It's what liberals do.

FACT: Our economy is booming!

FACT: We have not been attacked since 9/11.

Since these facts can't be refuted... let the smearing continue!

SpySmasherSmasher said...

FACT: Spysmasher thinks all arguements and all reason for concern end with a booming economy and no enemy attacks since 911 as if this should define the limits of an American citizen's concern about the state of his beloved country.
FACT: Spysmasher will mock me for parroting what he said and changing the words when in fact this is the only way he has ever argued a point here.
FACT: This is not smearing, this is called arguing a point by using the same tactics you employ.

kris stacks:moon bat said...

I heard spysmasher cant tell one former DC editor from the other & likes to play Bea Arthur's "rusty trombone".

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you gotta admit that Dakota Fanning is one classy broad.

The Iron Patriot said...

Spysmasher, you're sick.

Posting that you want to poke a child, then asserting that you never said it?


You even signed the post in question "the REAL spysmasher."

spysmasher said...

"This is not smearing, this is called arguing a point."

Oh really?

Mocking the format of my post while providing no new information (whining and lecturing are not new information, by the way) certainly IS smearing.

Just as "is is not is," here's another whacky definition from the liberal dictionary: "Smearing is not smearing!"

P.S. It's the President's job to protect us and watch the economy. Bush has done both excellently! Hence my "crazy" emphasis on the economy and our security. Forgive me if I don't seek out negative trivialities for the purpose of bashing Bush. That's YOUR job!

bubba g. russo said...

I actually believe that Sty Splasher never said those rascist and pedophile comments. Neofascists are perverts are NEVER that overt.
Even if the rest of his posts are nothing but right wing malarkey spoon fed from Ari Fleisher and Scott McLellan, the Sty Splasher never would have said that. I'm sure he believes he's right, too. But if I'm delusional and believe that I'm hearing the voice of God in my ear telling me to kill a bus full of kids, does that mean I should be allowed to do so? Or should I be in an insane asylum somewhere that I can't harm myself or others??
Sty Splasher, I'll chip in the first $20 toward that bed at Bellvue for you!
OK, that's my altruistic deed for the day. You owe me one.
HEY, PEYER, When do we see Bat Nun duke it out with the new Pope?

spysmasher said...

Summary of bubba g russo's SMEARS:

"Neofascists ... perverts ... right wing malarkey ... delusional ... kill a bus full of kids... insane asylum... Bellvue."

Summary of bubba g russo's IDEAS: