Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Getting Ass and the Library

Thank you, SuperFrankenstein. To kick things off, here’s the word from the streets where I live, yo. All quotes guaranteed overheard in downtown Brooklyn, part of the Free City of New York:

“First we’ll go get some BEER…then we’ll pick up some MEAT.”
--woman to baby in a stroller, in a sing-song voice

“I been waitin' till I got paid to buy my pants, and I ain't lettin' nobody tell me I can't get 'em.”
--teenage girl on her cell phone

“What…exactly…do you CALL YOURSELF DOIN’?”
--unmarked cop car, over loudspeaker, to other car trying to back up through a crowded intersection

And the winner:

“Like, getting ass and the library? Are, like, opposites.”
--one teenaged boy to another, outside the local branch library


BarryDubya said...

Welcome abord Mr. Moore to the best dang blog on this her Internets! Them quotes made laugh they did!

el duque said...

Good job. I suggest you change the name of the blog to "Beer and Meat."

Stuart Moore said...



Mercury Studio said...

Hey Stuart. Steve Lieber here.

I was on foot, one block from my home when a a middle-aged woman sitting up on her porch yelled out at me.

"Just keep walkin'. You ain't bringin your drugs in here."

I look around, confirm there's no one she could possibly be talking to except me. I speak up. "Um... Are you talking to me?"

"Get out my face. I'm calling the landlord."

Stuart Moore said...

Hey Steve. So, uh...what did you do with the drugs?

Mercury Studio said...

What else? Took it down the schoolyard and SOLD that shit.