Monday, April 18, 2005

The Hotside Of Anger

Maybe it's the "15 year olds speaking of intercourse as if it is just another thing to do" or the "strange talk to justify immoral sex as if there is nothing wrong with it," or something else entirely, but The Upside of Anger seems to have put The Hot Parts Guy in a real mood:

"Who are you to tell me it is sinful to take pleasure in the demonstration of sin in and as entertainment!?" I am no one. But God is Someone. Someone who wrote the Rules. And if you have a problem with His Rules, take it up with Him. I cannot change the Rules.
Jesus, Hot Parts Guy. Take a pill.


Jason said...

"Jesus, Hot Parts Guy. Take a pill."

He takes Jesus pills every morning with his Lipitol.

SFChick74 said...


God didn't write The Rules. Two stupid bitches did about ten years ago.