Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tom DeNy

I hate to kick someone the whole world's ganging up on--even if the victim is a skunk like Tom DeLay--not out of sympathy for the accused, but because anything most people are doing has got to be somehow wrong. However, it's always fun to spy on a cornered rat, so I went to his website.

Right at the top of the screen it said...

...which made me think I was about to read the dope on the most important thing happening right now in Tom DeLay's career:
DeLay Meets with NASA Administrator Nominee Griffin
DeLay, Griffin Agree on Bold New Vision for Space Exploration

WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom DeLay (R-Sugar Land) yesterday met with President Bush’s nominee for NASA Administrator, Dr. Michael Griffin, to discuss the direction of the agency under Griffin’s leadership.

“The president gave NASA a new mission, the most challenging ever attempted by mankind,” DeLay said. “With this daring comes great reward, and I am committed to continuing the fight to sell the president’s vision to my colleagues in Congress. With Dr. Griffin joining that fight, we can accomplish great things for NASA.”
Good luck with that, buddy.


El Duque said...


Don't forget Tom's dazzling manifesto, "The X-Files Democrats," which can be accessed in his speech archives.

El Duque said...


I must offer a correction. To access D-Lay's "X-Files Demos" speech, you must go to his House Majority Leader site:

It is equally insipid.

Dave Lartigue said...

Clearly DeLay is attempting to escape to an orbiting space station.

Loganite said...

Tom DeLay is a turd, and he will be flushed. Right now he is just circling, circling, c i r c l i n g . . .

The best thing I read about this situation is that we need to keep DeLay as long as possible. I mean, while the Republicans flog their own (very much like the Dems are known to do), no crazy nutso legislation will get passed. At least not until the R's pull the trigger.

-- L.