Monday, April 11, 2005


Agent Double 4 sends proof that Lois Lane and Superman are hip to popular music:

Elliott Mattice writes:
My friend Marvin Hoegle did a public access show and is trying and drum up some sponsors to advertise on the various episodes. He wanted me to post it on my server and see what people thought of it. He hosts the show under his gaming title "The Decimator" and uses the program to showcase his various prized collectables, some priceless. Marvin recently lost his job at the mall and was forced to move back home recently with his mom so if you have a few minutes check it out.
Indeed, you must check out Marvin Hoegle, The Decimator. Then you must forget him.


Rob The Big Bad Wolf seems to love comics and monsters, so, voila: Comic Monsters.


Darryl E. Bowles: your blog, Grumpy Old Man, is right on. (I'd like to write you back, but your e-mail evaporated & your comments system isn't working.)


A reader writes:
We must KEEP Tom Delay running the GOP in Congress, rather than let the Republicans throw him overboard, which is what they want. Right now, they can't accomplish anything, because of the DeLay delays.

They did it with Trent Lott.

They must not fool us twice.
Again, right on.

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