Tuesday, December 06, 2005

11 U.S. Congressmen With Funny Names

Boozman, John (R) CA
Buyer, Steve (R) IN
Deal, Nathan (R) GA
DeLay, Tom (R) TX
Dicks, Norman D. (D) WA
Doolittle, John T. (R) CA
Flake, Jeff (R) AZ
Leach, James A. (R) IA
Obey, David R. (R) WI
Price, Tom (D) GA
Weiner, Anthony D. (D) NY


el duque said...


Barney Frank?

And don't forget the great George Wortley.

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

i haven't seen CSPAN, much less any other tv other than canadian tv for a day or two, for years, but i miss hearing the roll call and "Mr Obey"
speaking of that, canadian politics is a riot, absolute riot. dual citizenship for me one day, mainly for the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Obey (my congressman, btw) is actually a Democrat--thank goodness. And his name is pronounced "Oh-Bee".

Still, it would be cool to see him run for President and have giant signs ala "Citizen Kane" which read OBEY!

Great shades of "1984"! :-)