Monday, December 05, 2005

Metafilter discusses an internet cache of 9/11 comics. In one of them, the attack on the World Trade Center made Dr. Doom cry.



goody said...

Is it just me, or is that a somewhat shitty comic book?

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

well mary said the artwork is cool, and i was moved. so i guess it is shitty. oh well.

Superfrankenstein said...


If you hate this comic you are supporting terrorism.

Des said...

What a pussy.

Seriously, why is Dr. Doom (who might as well be Milosevic + Hussein + metal fetish) crying about a plane hitting a building when his country is patrolled by robots of his own paranoid design? Robots?!

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

those who cannot suspend disbelief for a comic book, have cut themselves off from their inner child. oh well again.

Anonymous said...

I was an early student of the creators of Dr.Doom.
I think he was filched from:
"Richard II"in "Tower of London"W/Lon Chaney,Jr.?
Amazeing Costume.
2)possibly,"Dr.Dee",Q.Elizabeth I's Spy-Master.
He's been a joke since early '60's,all overly weak from excessive exposure.
I'm not on the web...

Corey Bond said...

The Moral of the Story. (The Story starts here.

Buffer said...

If Andreas Katsulas was reading that out loud any one would cry.

Doom was standing beside Juggernaut who'd knocked over hundreds of buildings, Doctor Octopus who'd knocked over several buildings including one that killed Captain Stacey and Magneto who would after bathing n this example level New York in New X-Men, and the Kingpin who probably owns shares in dozens of insuarance companies and construction companies in New York so would be utterly conflicted on whether he would be losing or winning money from the destruction of the world trade centre.

The only reaosn that Doom would cry is because he's summed up the trillions he's spent trying to destroy the American way of life

Anonymous said...

Ordinarily the Lord of Lavertia does not stoop to correct the vulgarity of the mass, their superstitions of sentiment. But it will be admitted that this is gross, inappropriate misrepresentation, that I, DOOM, feel obliged to disown.

This slur, I suspect, was drawn by the cruel hand of Richards, Reed Richards, while his insipid lackey, Jonathan Storm looked on, fired with laughter.

As a head of the Lavertian state I have seen to it that all copies of this nauseating monstrosity be burnt within our borders and encourage, nay COMMAND! all men of sense to do the same, wherever they may be, cursing Richards and his ilk as they so do.


V.Von Doom, Ph.D.