Thursday, December 15, 2005

Where Are They Now?

"Alf" star Max Wright caught on camera smoking crack and making porn!

[Via MetaChat]

Update: Turns out this is years old. Still good, though.


Anonymous said...

I guess Alf was the only one in that house who liked eating pussy!

Buffer said...


What's the difference between eating pussy and eating crack?

Anonymous said...


goody said...

The fact that there might actually be a market for Max Wright porn...I don't like Bush's America.

Rebecca said...

I saw this guy in a bar once in NYC. I was waiting for my mother to come and join me and he was confused about the time displayed on the clock. The bartender said the clock was set 10 early because that was “bar time.” Max couldn’t grasp the concept and argued with the bartender that there was no such thing. He downed his drink, threw the glass on the bar and stormed out. Lovely to the end.