Sunday, December 18, 2005

My Choices For Asshole Of The Year

I know there are worse, but to me nobody embodied 2005 like:

1. Michael Brown
2. Rick Cheney
3. Nancy Grace
4. Judith Miller
5. Jeff Gannon/Guckert
6. Rafael Palmeiro
7. Barbara Bush
8. William Bennett
9. Rep. Jean Schmidt
10. Harriet Miers

I think next year we should be allowed 15 names. The world has a greater number of famous assholes than it did when the poll began in 1974.

Now go vote.


rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

i have worked hard to be an asshole. who does this asshole have to suck up to to get listed?

goody said...

The answer is George Bush. But I'll vote for one of these runner-up assholes for kicks.

Superfrankenstein said...

George Bush and nine runner-up assholes, Goody. Rank ten.

el duque said...


No Bill O'Reilly?

You make a list of 10, without Bill O'Reilly?

I'm glad you're not managing the Yankees, because you'd write out a lineup without Derek Jeter.

Superfrankenstein said...

O'Reilly was tops on my list, el duque -- but then he started sticking up for The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. (I mean Christmas.) If you haven't heard about this, I urge you to read what he has to say.

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

he forgot to take his remron again. many muslims and jews live in the drug cartel islands?

mental midget.