Friday, December 16, 2005

2005 In Review:

Barbie, AssassinSteve (Journey) Perry Fan FictionJesus Vs. SupermanWhat Exactly Does James Bond Drink?The 52 Funniest Things About The (Then-) Upcoming Death Of The PopeFear And Loathing In HellGood Times With Larry King, Ryan Seacrest & Paula AbdulJohn Dean Predicts Deep Throat Revelation1974 Weight Watchers Recipe Cards featuring Frankfurter Spectacular!!!


el duque said...


I remember it being cold in February.

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

ooooh, the mary lois comparison should cause some trouble. later today pops you will get that linky-do you asketh for. let's hope 2006 is better than 2005, but don't hold your breath.

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

your steak is ready sir!