Thursday, May 03, 2007

1974 Labor Dept. Ad: Batgirl Vs. Sexist Batman


Anonymous said...

In case anyone's interested (and even if they aren't) that's Dick Gautier behind the Bat-cowl in the PSA. At the time of filming, Adam West was reluctant to return to his signature role.

Gautier, of course, is best remembered as Hymie the Robot in the original Get Smart TV show, and as Robin Hood in When Things Were Rotten.

He's actually one of the few actors I can think of who could give West a run for his money, bat-interpretation-wise. (Anyone ever catch Lyle Waggoner's screen test for the role? Good Lord! We dodged a bullet there, I tell you what.)

Stang said...

Thanks, Jeff. I could tell that wasn't Adam West, but I didn't recognize Gautier/Hymie. I guess the cowl's a good disguise after all. (And you're right about Waggoner.)

Anonymous said...

I've waded through a lot of crap on this website for a long time, but trying to smear Lyle Waggoner is going to far.

Take it back. I'm warning you.

Take it back, or I will contact Lyle Waggoner personally, and we can let him handle this.

My friends, that is something you do NOT want.

Stang said...

Go ahead, el duque. Contact Lyle Waggoner. I'm calling your bluff.

Anonymous said...

You better watch out, or I will.

I'm NOT kidding.

This is absolutely your last warning. If I were you, I'd cut the Waggoner stuff NOW.


Stang said...

You don't understand, el duque. I want you to contact Waggoner. By all means. Do it.

Or maybe you don't know how.

Stang said...

Just as I figured.

Anonymous said...

Lay off Lyle or you will have to deal with me! How's that Duque?

Anonymous said...

Holy double standard! Say it isn't so! Was it that mad archvillain Richard Nixon's evil plot to sew dissension among the Caped Crusaders of Gotham by appealing to Barbara Gordon's sense of greed? Will Alicia Silverstone burn her Bat- bra (sans leather nipples, of course) in the next Batman movie (probably only if Joel Schumacher directs)? And has the evil monkey Jeff Kapalka finally gone over the edge?!?!? Tune in again tomorrow, same Bat-time, same Bat- station!
PS-Carol, I'm with you on the Waggoner stuff- he was great in Wonder Woman. He would have made a much better Nick Fury than Hasselhoff, too. I'm so glad we had this time together! 'Til Tim Conway gives up his promising career as the voice of Barnacle Boy on Spongebob to do more Dorf golf and fishing videos, make mine Beer and Meat!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Peyer,

A friend alerted to your diseased and pathetic island of revolting behavior.

When we meet, and yes, we shall meet, I will hold your kidney in my hand, squeezing so hard that blood backflows into your little mouse heart, and you will know the forces that tiny people should not invoke.

You will, indeed, know.

Anonymous said...

Geez. I'm sorry I brought the whole thing up, although I stand by everything I said.

Superfrankenstein: I've got your back.

Waggoner: bring it on.

Anonymous said...

It aint gonna be two against one.

I got Lyle's back.

Anonymous said...

Stay out of this, Porter. It's not your fight.

You don't even spell your last name the same... assuming you're the REAL Porter Wagoner.

And if you are, you're still recovering from a heart attack.

Anonymous said...


Say the word, bro, and we'll beat their asses.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay Wagner and Carol Burnett notified me today in a strongly worded, sometimes-threatening (ALL CAPS!) email that they will turn this into a three way, tag- team cage match for the honor of the Waggoner/Wagoner/Wagner name and will viciously and without remorse "club any man who dares to set foot in the squared circle with them after slamming Lyle's good name like a baby seal." This is starting to get ugly. Superfrankenstein, I think it's time you and Kapalka back off if you still can---these dames mean business!!

Anonymous said...

An opportunity to get slapped around by the Bionic Woman? Yum!
Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Lindsey! Let's get together for a little one-on-one. Let Lyle fend for himself. He's a big boy.

As for Carol, I lost all respect for her once she went after Family Guy. (And we all know how that turned out!) We get it Carol: you're lonely and want some attention. This isn't the way to do it. Don't let this become your defining moment. You used to be classier than that.

Anonymous said...

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