Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cruel! Unusual! Peyer! Delano! McCrea!


Out tomorrow: The all-new Desperado edition of CRUEL AND UNUSUAL, a truly vile graphic novel written by Tom "SuperFranken- stein" Peyer and Jamie "Occasional Bear & Meat" Delano, and drawn by John "filthy Irishman" McCrea.

This was pretty disgusting when I first published it at Vertigo, and I doubt it's gotten any better. A nice little family tale about a Florida prison turned into a reality TV show, with typically tasteful McCrea art.

Really, if you value your Christian soul, don't buy it. Just watch General Petraeus instead and write down everything he says.


Mustang said...

Thanks, Stuart! I'll reserve a copy at my newsdealer!

Stuart Moore said...

Or you could subscribe. Remember: They're all mailed FLAT!

Anonymous said...

I'm in just as soon as I get my autographed copy of Tek Jansen that I applied for months ago.... or is Peyer too busy to scrawl his John Hancock on comics these days?

Mustang said...

I have good news and I have bad news.

-What's the good news?

You're getting an autographed copy of Stephen Colbert's comic book.

-What's the bad news?

It's Tom Peyer's autograph.

D. Forsythe said...

I read that when it first came out. I was commuting to work on the train and not really realizing how disgusting the content was. The old lady looking over my shoulder shot dirty looks at me the whole rest of the way.

That'll teach her!

I don't think I'll buy it again though, thanks.