Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bits Of Beer-n-Meat Business

ITEM! Surely you've seen the deeply pants-moving Dark Knight trailer by now! So go watch it again!

ITEM! Hey! Want to watch a quick, funny video about what an incredible genius I Am Legend creator Richard Matheson is? Because he is. Besides I Am Legend, he wrote The Incredible Shrinking Man, some great Twilight Zones, and... well, go see and be stunned! It's in Kevin Maher's hee-larious video section of amctv.com's science fiction blog! WARNING: Contents will make you 15% nerdier!

ITEM! Lots to do? Tough! Because you're not going to get any of it done! Instead, you'll be over at Classic Television Showbiz, taking a shame bath as you squander hours watching delicious crap such as:

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