Wednesday, June 15, 2005

'Batman' Flirts With Decency

God's Guide To The Hot Parts--the fundamentalist web ministry that fights movie smut by describing it in arousing detail--found little to work with in Batman Begins:

Though heavy on violence and drug-related matters, Batman Begins was delightfully lite on sexual matters. The only sexually oriented matters noted were one instance of the use of two women as toys and of Katie Holmes wearing clothing (the filmmakers decide what is worn) which permitted ghosting of anatomy through the clothing. Even the theater owner noticed it...
Still, the hotly anticipated blockbuster deals enough "drunkenness," "riotous behavior" and "uses of the three/four letter word vocabulary" that The Hot Parts Guy can't quite get behind it:
Being a sci-fi fan, I could almost recommend this film as a great Saturday night popcorn flick but the 11 uses of the three/four letter word vocabulary and a few other issues prevent me from doing so.


El Duque said...


The "three/four letter" words?

What three-letter words do Batman use that would bother the Hot Pants guy?

Let's all hope Batman does not say "pee."

Superfrankenstein said...

It's tough to figure, El Duque. Because Batman usually says words that start with "bat," and that's three letters right there.

Mark Hale said...

"Bat wang."

Anonymous said...

three letter word? what the hel is a three letter word? sob is an acronymn, dam is a beaver house, everything else I can think of would have to be mispelled to have 3 letters...who is this guy?