Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Spider-Man: House Of M #1 goes on sale in comics shops Wednesday. As Mighty Marvel tells it:

Pencils and Cover by SALVADOR LARROCA

A HOUSE OF M SPECIAL EVENT! Meet Spider-Man--hero to the people, champion of the weak and oppressed... and World Wrestling Alliance Championship Titleholder? Peter Parker has it all --respect, fame, and the adoration of all. But he also has a deep, destructive secret that he keeps from the world and from his family--one that could well unravel the reality he knows!
So how many copies you should buy? SEC regulations won't let me say, but between you and me: not too few!

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Sam said...

I bought the first issue, as it's good to see you back in the biz. The book looks promising, but AI hope there's a nice little twist to whom is actually Green Goblin. I know you won't tell, Tom. But, I'm hedging my bets on JJJ. I think it's time to see the old man try to put a good whuppin' on the Webhead, don't you?