Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Russian Christian Science-Fiction Romance

Russian Brides World, serving mail order brides and the men who pay their freight, offers a whole section on my new favorite subject, Christian singles. Here are some links and excerpts from their self-described "pretty collection of dating articles" (emphasis mine).

Love In A Microchip:

The lonely Christian singles who are anxious about searching for their life partners will soon be able to do it with the help of microelectronics. The company "Philips Electronics" is developing the microchip as a brooch or a hairpin, attached to clothes or hair, which will search itself for the necessary person... At a closer distance with another microchip, whose owner has suitable personal data, a pleasant melody will begin to sound. It will tell that there is your possible second half nearby and as the developers speak, will serve as a convenient occasion for acquaintance.
Can Russian Singles Accept American Type Of Family?
The necessary symbol of ideal family there is a jobless wife, a careful, economic mum who meets children from school with fresh domestic cookies. Such mums are still met, but die out as mammoths.


The American parents treat their offsprings with fawning courtesy what is not expected from one parent - European: "What do you want for breakfast, fruit ringlets or rice balls? And is so much milk enough? Well all right, all right, now I shall pour out from this bowl and I shall pour in a bowl with a bear". The culture focused on children, "Donald Ducks" penetrate into each house, creeps in conversations and is splashed out from TV screens.


From such cherished, "domestic" children the present Americans - self-confident, vainglorious, quick and cheerful - grow.
Let's take a break. From one of the site's non-Christian quarters, How To Make A Man Marry You:
They say that the best way to force men to make marriage proposals is to become pregnant from him... If he still manages to escape, it is necessary for you to find some other more cheerful variants: either to make abortion if it is not too late or to give birth to the child alone.
Back to Jesus: Christian Singles - Main Rules:
Emancipation of women is not approved by God. If a lady doesn't want to be submissive to a man she contradicts God.
If that sounds like too much to live with, don't forget: Christian Singles Do Not Approve Suicide.

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Mark Hale said...

This is something funny my girlfriend pointed out to me. The whole site is a hoot and a half. Those uppity American bitches!