Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Jesus Christ Almighty

Whoa. A few posts down, I got so caught up with those Jesus Fetishizes The American Flag paintings that I didn't even notice the best one. It took a thoughtful comment from The Pickytarian to direct my attention to this masterpiece, in which The Christ calmly watches over nuclear annihilation.


JFG said...

It took me a long time to figure out the geography represented, but it looks like the safest place to be during the bombing is Australia. Does this mean Jesus loves the Aussies better than the good ol' USA? Please Advise! Must make travel plans soon.

Jim Chadwick said...

Nuclear annihilation? What are you talking about? I thought Jesus was just admiring his mushroom crop, planted in a flower bed that just happens to look like a map of the world. I mean just look how mellow his expression is.

bat said...

Cool! Australia is safe, but hideously deformed by continental drift, although of course the Bible tells us there's no such thing so maybe it's just tidal waves. And I notice the Earth is flat, which is exactly how these cretinous creationists like it!