Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"...And He Plays Like Kenny G."


I have to remember to watch Larry King Live more often. Nobody's exactly jumping up and down that he's here, but I have a feeling we'll miss him when he's gone. Last night: questions for Paula Abdul and Ryan Seacrest from American Idol. Here are some highlights, courtesy of CNN Transcripts.

KING: ...And Paula Abdul, judge on "American Idol," recording artist has sold more than 30 albums, and winner of a Grammy, Emmy and MTV award. [...]

SEACREST: You won all of those? That's great, sorry. That's the first time I've heard all of those.

ABDUL: Over 40 million.


KING: Forty million.

SEACREST: Put that down on the card.

KING: We got it wrong.

ABDUL: I have two Emmys.
KING: La Palma, California, hello.

CALLER: Hi. My question is for Ryan. I know you say you haven't gone in for the Botox shots. But I want to find out if it's true that you enjoyed the buttocks injection?

SEACREST: Yes. I haven't heard that one, but not a lot of experience in that area.

KING: By the way, someone called in and said, now, this was just was someone, that they saw you with Teri Hatcher.
KING: By the way, I know anyone can show up for audition, clarinet players, right? Must you be a singer to be on "American Idol?"

SEACREST: To be on, to make it, yes. To show up, no. It's an open call. If you think you're...

KING: What if you had a guy come in with a clarinet, he came in front of you and he plays like Kenny G. What do you say to him?

SEACREST: We say that you're fantastic.
Of course, "Larry Shows His Age" is a nightly feature of Larry King Live. I'm sure we'll get a good one tonight when Larry talks to Great White and burn survivors!

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