Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Our Lady

Over Memorial Day weekend, the time when Americans and possibly Canadians remembered those who fought and died for our right to vote in polls, dozens of you took the Laura Bush Survey:

Laura Bush Should Be...

You stunned the observers and embarrassed the pundits by voting not to impeach Mrs. Bush, not to arrest her, not to end the First Marriage, but to leave Laura alone! You, the people, have spoken--and your voice is being heard, loud and clear! This space hereby suspends its campaign to bring Mrs. Bush to justice, effective immediately. As long as the wind keeps blowing this way, my attitude toward the First Lady can be summed up with the following time-honored nugget of proven wisdom:

"Live--and let live!"


Goody said...

I voted 'leave her alone' simply because she bores the shit out of me, and I don't like my news (well, I don't like the news)to have anything to do with her soulless, Botoxed face. 'First lady goes to Israel.' 'First lady sponsors reading initiative.' 'First lady bores the living shit out of Goodrich.'

Des said...


Divorce I say, divorce!!!!

The election was rigged! What is this the Ukraine? I demand a recount.

Superfrankenstein said...

I agree, Des. The election was a disgrace. Leave her alone, my ass.

How strongly did I feel that Mrs. Bush should have been impeached? I voted for it four times. All of you pro-impeachers, pro-divorcers and pro-arresters who voted only once really need to take a long, hard look at yourselves and at your commitment to justice.

Still, the people have spoken and we have a reponsibility to live by their verdict. Publicly, at least.

Des said...

Sorry Tom. Next poll: multiple votes on my part.