Thursday, May 05, 2005

Paula Bearers

Paula needs you, so stop sitting there like a selfish lump and go write something nice in her Support Book.

Paula...keep your head high, girl. If American Idol gets rid of you over this nonsense...(which is giving them good press)...then they're gonna lose loads of fans. No one belived Corey. I saw so many holes in that story that it was unreal...AND...I have a BA in Journalism!!!
Don't tell me. Newhouse?
Although you have had Corey say stuff about you, remember this. You have made to this level because you were determined.

I believe that Corey is just using you to benefit himself. He can't make it on his own so he has to drag you through the dirt. Wonder how much he got paid for that bet your lawyer could find out!

Paula i fink ur amazin Y has Corey come out now ?!?! probly jus 4 publicity tha stupi *********** no notice !! all ur fanz are behind u We luv u Paula xXxXxXx

In Paula's position as a judge on "Idol" she will always be under the microscope. Can't believe that anyone would drag her thru the dirt like this, What's up with that? Cory, look out on your "get rich quick" scheme and tell us about the real Paula.

Keep up the smiling!!! I don't think your fans have any say in your personal life and it's all bull! I will boycott 20/20 and Primetime for even showing this crap.


Goody said...

My support of Ms. Abdul goes so far that not only will I boycott all of ABC on her behalf, I will also boycott American Idol. They'll never take you alive, Paula! Straight up!

David Campbell said...

Sooperfrank-N-stein, you go girl! I fink U R the best!! :) :) :) Keep UR head upgirl and keepsmillin!!!!! We luv U Sooperfrank-N-stein!!

-A fan 4ever!!!!

Mike said...

I don't watch the show, but when my MY AOL popped up here at the White Center Library, there was an image of this guy that Abdul allegedly slept with.

Geez, you'd think she'd be pickier.

Sam said...

Who cares really! A friend of mine just called me and said that "If your going to confess something on television, never wear prison orange clothing". So true.

El Duque said...


To those investigating this scandal, a word of advice:

Follow the sperm.

SFChick74 said...

Those are great!

The prison orange thing is true. I watched that interview and I kept going, "Is this guy in jail?" He's guilty of crimes of fashion.