Friday, May 27, 2005

psychedThis is why I link to tabloid covers. Two days after A-Rod stunned no one but a few sports pundits by "revealing" he had his head shrunk, the New York Post serves up this masterpiece.


Elayne said...

I used to love playing Post Headlines. I actually know someone who came up with them for a living. Dawn Eden - who's since moved considerably to the right from the girl I used to know - did headlines for the Post before they let her go for embellishing some editorials with her personal born-again Christian-type opinions against stem cell research (now in news-item reruns already). As I understand it, she's currently with the Daily News, so if she gets herself into the same type of position maybe someday we'll all be playing DN Headlines.

Loganite said...

Not only did he see a shrink, but he had three! Now, he's cut back to just two therapists.

Double play?

-- L.

El Duque said...


I bet Arod saw his parents shztupping in a clutch situation, maybe with the bases loaded and two out.

That would explain everything.