Monday, May 16, 2005

Way To Write!

Awesomest dialog of '05 on tonight's 24:


It's funny. This morning, Jack and Audrey were planning their future. Now he's responsible for her husband's death and he may have to torture her brother.


And yet, every move he's made has been the right one.


Not if he wanted to be with her.

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Jim said...

It's funny. Last night, Jim and his girlfriend were thinking the same thing about that scene. Now he's reading about it on the Internet the next day.

Everyone, including the writers, seemed to forget that THERE'S A NUCLEAR WARHEAD FLYING OVER THE COUNTRY WITH AN UNSPECIFIED TARGET. It's almost like at the last minute one of the writers did the math and said "Shit-23?! We missed an hour! What'll we do?"

And apparently, if you're gay, you support the terrorists. Kind of a stretch, but still, I can't believe they made the only gay character a dope-smoking, sex-craving aide to terrorism!