Monday, May 30, 2005

Plinko Freaks

If you think the internet is all porn, cranky politics, Star Trek, and I-had this-for-lunch confessionals, you're wrong. A brief, desperate, what-do-I-post-now search reveals that a good 25% of the web is devoted to The Price Is Right, including:

Daily episode summaries--I said daily episode summaries--on The Price Is Right Blog!

Rules, history and picures of more than 80 Price Is Right pricing games!

A page of singular fan art!

Price Is Right music clips!

Video clips and gossip!

And, most creepily, The Price Is Right Swimsuit Models Galleries!

Can Price Is Right fan fiction be far behind?

Bob Barker was tired. Who wouldn't be, he thought to himself, after hosting an hour-long game show for more than thirty years? Thirty turmoil-laden years that included Watergate, the Challenger explosion, the death of Ronald Reagan, the invasion of Iraq? The litany made his nipples harden...

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