Monday, May 01, 2006

Big And Little II (Updated)

Stephen Colbert came up big at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. He said nearly everything Little Bush isn't supposed to hear, including:

I believe that the government that governs best is the government that governs least, and by these standards we have setup a fabulous government in Iraq, and I believe, I believe in pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. I believe it is possible I saw this guy do it once in Cirq de Soleil -- it was magical.

And though I am a committed Christian, I believe everyone has their right to their own religion, be it Hindu, Jewish or Muslim, I believe there are infinite paths to accepting Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe its yogurt but I refuse to believe it’s not butter.

Most of all I believe in this president, now I know there are some polls out there saying this man has a 32% approval rating, but guys like us [turns to President] we don't pay attention to the polls. We know that polls are just a collection of statistics that reflect what people are thinking [makes airquotes] in reality, and reality has a well known liberal bias.
Transcript and video.

A review from the right wing board @ Free Republic:
He wasn't trying to be funny. He was taking the opportunity of being face to face with one of the greatest, kindest, most loving men on earth to shoot arrows of evil at him.

In stead of being angry with Colbert last night, I should have been praying for the spiritual protection of the President and First Lady.

I confess that I didn't think of that until later, when I did pray that any wounds they may have received would be healed.

God bless them both, and protect them from the attacks of the Evil One!
Uodate: Fox News hated it (surprise!).

A site where you can Thank Stephen Colbert.

And if you really want to read the messages left on Free Republic as it dawned on them what Colbert was doing, I put a link in the comments.


Al said...

Reading that was... fairly shocking, in a good way. I didn't think things like that could actually happen in your country.

Sleestak said...

I guess there is now a cell in one of those secret prisons that don't really exist reserved for Mr Colbert.

spysmasher said...

What happened to all the complaints about the "chill" on free speech? Where are all the screams that Bush is censoring those who disagree with him? Answer: Forgotten, on to the next smear. It's amazing how you liberals turn on a dime, but I suppose it's easy when you have no ideas.

Greg said...

I don't get it. Stephen Colbert is one of Bush's biggest supporters, and nothing you quoted makes it any less true. Just watch his show - he's a HUGE Bush-supporter!

You need to link to the right-wing message board. I'm sure it's a hoot.

Superfrankenstein said...

Here, greg.

The Retropolitan said...

Actually, Spysmasher, that's what people are up in arms about - the fact that Colbert said what he did. The fact that someone hired him to roast the president.

It's a shocking turn from someone hiring Jeff Gannon to lob softball, insanely supportive comments towards the administration.

El Duque said...

Spymaster is right.

What happened to everybody's complaints about the "chill" on free speech? That's all I've heard for weeks: Whining, whining whinig about the "chill" on everyboyd's free speech. He's also right about liberals "turning on a di- HEY, DID YOU HEAR WHAT THE PROBATION DEPARTMENT CALLS RUSH LIMBAUGH'S PERIODIC DRUG TESTS?

Urine on loan from God.

Anonymous said...

Colbert's salute is interesting...