Friday, May 26, 2006

New York Post To History's Greatest Headlines: Drop Dead



Jersey Shore said...

Will "Kenny-Boy" be visited in prison by any "compassionate conservatives"?

Maybe he'll be cell-mates with Karl Rove!

Jim said...

"Maybe he'll be cell-mates with Karl Rove!"

Keep hope alive, dummy.

dork said...

"yankees mini baseballs"? is that a by-product of steroid use? post readers want to know!

STFU said...

This Post edition marks twice in one week I actually BOUGHT the Post, just so I could display the headline in my cubicle. The first was the Barry Bonds "714" fashioned out of syringes with the subhead, "Move over Babe, here comes the Shambino"

BAD LAY is probably the best headline in years.

Anonymous said...


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