Monday, May 01, 2006

Big And Little



El Duque said...

Big and Rich.

Rich Little.

spysmasher said...

Speaking of BIG AND LITTLE...

More “bad” economic news (for liberals):

U.S. construction spending jumped 0.9 percent in March, more than twice expectations, to a record high on the back of soaring outlays on private residential building.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is closing in on its all-time high of 11,723. Despite soaring oil prices, the Dow has regained more than 4,000 points that slipped away after the dotcom bust and the 2001 recession.

Spurred by consumer spending and a surge in business investments, the US economy grew at a 4.8 per cent annual rate in the first quarter, its strongest performance in more than two years.


Jim Chadwick said...

Why is good economic news bad news for liberals, Spysmasher? This is such a Fox/Limbaugh talking point that is as sorely lacking in originality as any of the critiques you make here about liberals repeating the same lines about Bush, Cheney, et al. Oh, I get it. We want everyone to hate Bush, so we pray for a bad economy so we can win. Maybe it's time YOU had an original thought.

Good lord. Why would I be looking forward to the day this debt-funded economic house of cards comes crashing down? Lord knows, the people on the top who are feasting off of it now will not feel any pain, but I am damn sure the rest of us will be the ones getting screwed. I'm not praying for my own funeral. I just wish that there was somebody in a position in leadership who was willing to look out on the horizon and see the iceberg up ahead.

Jersey Shore said...

Let’s tell the whole story, shall we? We’ll use your own sources to put this into perspective.

“But private nonresidential construction, seen as a proxy for business spending, dipped 0.1 percent in March to $267.9 billion.”

So much for the “trickle down” theory, eh? Big business is making big bucks, but they’re too chickenshit to pump it back into the economy. What are they afraid of? Don’t they believe in George Bush?

Retrieved from your own source:

“One reason is that even though times are good, US companies still act as if they might have to close their doors tomorrow, squeezing productivity gains out of their machines and workers.”

Ah, yes, the GOP - friend of the blue collar working man! Hey! what exactly are US companies squeezing on workers to get this "trickle down" anyway?

Retrieved from your own source:

“The economy is not expected to continue to increase at this rate, and experts said the surge in the first quarter was the result of a 'short-term' uptick in business and personal spending.
“Consumers had more money left to spend after heating bills were lower than expected.
“'However, with high gasoline prices now merging with the summer driving season, an energy-induced slowdown in consumer spending is likely to occur in subsequent quarters,' Huether said.”

I know George Bush feels as if he has been picked by GOD to run the country, but I doubt if even he can claim credit for controlling the weather. We’ll see how rosy the economic story is when gas hits $4 a gallon.

Retrieved from your own source:

spysmasher said...

This is what liberals do. They pore over the data, locate anything negative, and scream "LOOK! It's Bush's fault!"

FACTS: The Dow is near an all-time high, the growth rate is 4.8 percent, home buying is smashing all records. I could go on and one with positive news.

But so what. You want to ignore the overwhelming tidal wave of positive data so you can concentrate on the negative, so you can hate Bush.

What a way to live!