Thursday, May 25, 2006

They Seemed So Happy



spysmasher said...

It's "obvious" George and Laura are not madly in love, like Bill and Hillary are.

Former Republican said...

Geez, Superfrankenstein, you are posting this stuff just to make spysmasher go all spastic and crazy. And he always falls for it. Stop goading him. He really needs to get away from this site and start developing a life.

El Duque said...

Why does Laura refuse George in bed?




OK, I'll tell you.

Why does Laura refuse George in bed?

Because he refuses to pull-out.

Superfrankenstein said...

duque, all I can tell you is that the President is making progress toward that goal.

Now, there's several tracks. One is the vaginal track. I think it's very important for the First Lady to have genitals that have been stimulated. In other words, the vaginal track has been a vital part of having a First Lady that can pleasure herself.

There's a posterior track. And there's no question that the First Lady is close to attaining a trained and effective posterior.

There needs to be more equipment. No question about that.

The First Lady - I think if you would get a - at least the assessment I get is that the First Lady is moving well along, and she's taking more and more of the responsibility for her own pleasure.

El Duque said...

Yeah, but he even refuses to set a time-table to pull-out.

Most men say, 'Honey, the prescription says that if I last for more than four hours, I should go to an emergency room.' Bush refuses to do that.

Laura has no choice but to cut him off at the base. Nip it, nip it, NIP IT IN THE BUD!

Superfrankenstein said...

Duque, Pottery Barn rule.

He broke it. He bought it.

El Duque said...

He has sunk billions into her, much of it wasted. Remember shock and awe? Well, it's over. At some point, she must assume responsibility for her own fulfillment.

Jersey Shore said...

Okay, here's a brain-teaser:

How come George Bush can't be impeached?

Superfrankenstein said...

I'll bite, jersey. How come?

El Duque said...

Because he doesn't get any blow jobs?

Jersey Shore said...

El Duque has touched upon it!

They cannot find ANYONE to give him a blowjob.

Here's another one to ponder:

"Why does Spysmasher feel so secure in demonstrating his stupidity?"

Jersey Shore said...

Time's up!

Because he's in the Witless Protection Program.

Jim said...

I don't know if George and Laura are really in love, but I'm sure there's a Spider-Man comic in it.

Jersey Shore said...

"He has sunk billions into her, much of it wasted. Remember shock and awe? Well, it's over. At some point, she must assume responsibility for her own fulfillment."

Maybe his missile isn't big enough to do the job.

Or maybe it's a matter of a premature "mission accomplished."

bubba g. russo said...

Laura should practice a little home surgery on the Shrub a la Lorainna Bobbitt. Then she should get her microscope and tweezers to do the same on Sty Splasher...if there's anything to be removed. At the outside, it shouldn't require anything bigger than nail clippers.

bubba g. russo said...

PS to Jersey Shore-
"Shock and awe" were replaced by "Shucks and Duh" several years ago...the only question left is how to get our Misleader into a spider-hole of his own?

bubba g. russo said...

Waaaaaaaa! It's past my feedign time! Where's my bottle??? Waaaaaaa!