Friday, May 19, 2006

DaVinci Code Special: His Love Tapes

As The Da Vinci Code teaches, Jesus Christ had a lot more experience in the sack than some of us gave him credit for. But what songs did He compile on His special "for intercourse only" mixtapes? My best guesses:

• Slob On My Knob / Three 6 Mafia
• Fuck All Day Fuck All Night / DMX
• Put It In Your Mouth / Lil' Kim
• Yo Neck, Yo Back, My Dick and My Sack / Too Short
• Get Off My Dick And Tell Yo Bitch to Come Here / Ice Cube

And, of course:

• Suck My Dick Bitch / NWA

Know any others?


spysmasher said...

This is the most shameful and blasphemous post yet. Is there no depth to which you will not sink? How do you live with yourself?

Carrie Oakey said...

I agree, Mr. Spysmasher. I'm sure that Mr. Peyer is bound to spend eternity in Hell!

spysmasher said...

I'm glad you think it's such a big joke. Yet if he had done the same to Islam, or Judiasm, you'd be screaming bloody murder, then demanding investigations and censorship. But since he said "Get Off My Dick And Tell Yo Bitch to Come Here" in reference to JESUS, it's just fine, of course. This attitude is nothing less than disgraceful, and you people are so twisted it's sick.

Kris Stacks:spy hugger said...

Face down,butt up,that's the way jesus/buddha/allah/whoever likes to fuck!

Vic said...

Let's sink lower! Jesus, Mary and Joseph in three-way incestuous fisting, pegging and scat play! Lick it up good, Oh Holy Lamb of God.

spysmasher said...

I think the last two posts tell us all we need to know about the level of taste and intelligence here.

Anonymous said...

How about a rendition of "The Aristocrats" involving the Holy family?

Anonymous said...

Well, blasphemy aside, I thought it was funny. Are those real titles to rap songs?

Superfrankenstein said...

They're all real. Glad you liked it.