Friday, May 19, 2006

Visit Beautiful Syracuse

A travel feature by Hart Seely in today's New York Times has passages like:

With its concrete facade, Angotti's Family Restaurant... resembles a three-bedroom house that's been converted into a bomb shelter.
Across suburbia, green water can mean a fried squirrel in the pool filter. But in the expansive Green Lakes State Park... two clear green lakes get their brilliant color from limestone bedrock.
Nice work, Seely!

Pic: Golden Snowball


Anonymous said...

If he'd done the same to Albany, or Buffalo, you'd be screaming bloody murder, then demanding investigations and censorship.

Floyd Little said...

spysmasher, you're a nor'easter and may know Syracuse. What is it with this Seely person? Does he "bite the hand that feeds him"? Is the article the ramblings of one who may have an "ax to grind" with the "Salt City"?

bubba g. russo said...

as a Syracuse native, I note 3 things:
1. I think these articles are being extremely generous
2. The old dump still looks great in the snow, even in May (this picture was taken Mother's Day)
3. And Sty Splasher still has no sense of humor