Saturday, June 25, 2005


Stronger in our commitment to the local church. Stronger to a commitment of integrity and excellence. Stronger in our personal pursuit of Jesus... It's POWER TIME!!!!!!
The Power Team


Anonymous said...

"New Integrity and Accountability in place, and maintained by Oversight Boards." Sounds like there might have been some sort of terrible scandal due to their previous lack of integrity or accountability. Hmmm...

Good job as always, Tom. I would pay many American dollars to see the episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger" on which they appeared.

jnr said...

smashing baseball bats over our knees for the glory of the lord...woo-ha.

tangentally, tom--ever see the pirate-themed christian kiddie show starring the reformed biker guy with the (for real) hook-hand? that stuff is scary.

El Duque said...


To see a perfect recreation of Jesus breaking bread is always welcome.

God bless you and your mission.

Goody said...

Jesus I want to see these guys in Israel.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, in Israel! Please Jesus, Please.
Keeping the Faith,
Father Marty