Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Bush visits New Orleans

Newsweek: How Bush blew it

Paulison named acting FEMA head

Washington Post-ABC News poll

Bush: 'I thought we dodged a bullet'


Goody said...

Well played!

Anonymous said...

It would be funnier if your "news" wasn't so one-sidedly against Bush. Question: Do you have a useful brain, or is your reaction to everything BUSH SUCKS, damn the facts. Just asking.

Cunningham said...

Gee KK, when your boy Dubya holds a press conference and basically says, "I'm at fault. I'm responsible." there really is very little you can argue against.

Stang said...


What facts am I damning?

Anonymous said...

You are ignoring the screw-ups of the local officials, who are supposed to be the first responders. Why are you ignoring this? They're Democrats.

You are ignoring the fact that the Federal response was actually FASTER than previous hurricanes. Why are you ignoring this? It helps Bush.

You are ignoring the fact that no President can control the weather. Why are you ignoring this? It hurts Bush.

Your problem is this: You don't look at a bad situation and assess all facts before making a logical judgment. Instead, you simply blame Bush in all cases, in all ways, at all times.

Bush has threee years left in office. Who will be your universal scape goat when he leaves office? If another Republican is elected, it will be that person. But if a Democrat is elected, we'll never hear a peep out of you again. You'll just shift the blame game to the next closest Republican.

The Democratic Party's new motto: No solutions, just complaints and blame!

Anonymous said...

Gee Bill Cunningham, why are you misquoting President Bush?

Bush said, "To the extent that the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility."

Get it? The FEDERAL role. But Bill cunningham edited that quote to make it seem Bush took full responsibility for every aspect!


Bill Cunningham hates Bush, and does not care about the facts!

Stang said...


I already know Bush can't control the weather. Because it's not always sunny in Palm Springs, and not all hurricanes go to the slums.

Anonymous said...

No, we all know it's Karl Rove who is controlling the weather.

Anonymous said...

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