Friday, February 04, 2005

1000 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall
The 1000 Bars Guy made The NY Post. He's Dan Freeman, 60, of Brooklyn. The Post asked him if he consulted a doctor before undertaking his mission to drink in 1,000 bars in 2005. He laughed and said, "If I was going to start smoking, would I consult my doctor?"

He's up to 161 Bars.


El Duque said...


If this guy ever gets caught in an avalanche and turns his body into a beer-heating machine, so he can piss his way to survival, I'll be impressed.

Until then, I don't know why you're giving him free ether.

Is he some comic book fan who once asked you to autograph his belly at a convention? Is that it?

El Duque said...


And another thing.

Why nothing about the Super Bowl? You don't care about it? I think you're jealous of the players. So you're not giving any attention to the Super Bowl.

And that's wrong, Superfrankenstein. Just plain wrong.

El Duque said...


Answer me, goddamit. What about the Super Bowl!

The Author said...

Pats by more than a field goal.

Please, read THIS and vote for "Jodi & Andrew"

Superfrankenstein said...

Super Bowl... that's the football game between the cartoon beer bottles, right? And the lady shows her booby?


El Duque said...


Finally, you have acknowledged the most important event in American culture.

Last year, the Super Bowl finally offered us a half-time event worthy of it: The unveiling of an overripened celebrity teat.

What if every year, during the half-time, Americans got to behold a new washed-up diva's unspangled, unholstered, unhammocked teat!

There would be no more war.