Monday, February 28, 2005


Not all comics people are selfish and useless. I am, of course, but Ryan Estrada isn't:

I recently spent 6 days volunteering in Bang Tao, Thailand. It was an amazingly powerful trip that prompted me to quit my job the day I got back so I could return to help some more.
Ryan's the guy who made the 72-page comic in under 72 hours awhile back, so we already know he's capable of what a comics writer would call "feats." Anyway, he's doing cartoons about the cartoon he's living, and the first one is awfully good.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I figured if there are people out there devoting their lives and making endless sacrifices to such noble efforts as watching the dirty parts of movies so you don\'t have to, the least I can do is dig some toilets. I may not be useless, but I\'m still no Hot Parts Guy.
Thanks a lot, man.

Anonymous said...

that last quote but didn\\\'t sign it.

El Duque said...


What about me?

When are you going to suck me off?

If you suck me off, I'll say you're a nice guy, too.

Superfrankenstein said...


A suck job does no good if you have to ask for it.

As Pedro Martinez knows.

As David Wells knows.

As you now know.


PS -- Who do you like in the AL East?