Friday, February 04, 2005

God's Guide To The Hot Parts--the web ministry that tries to impose a sexless, gay-hating morality upon the world by describing filth in hot detail--finally reviewed Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl. Three things stand out. One: The Hot Parts Sidebar usually lists images that offend/arouse The Hot Parts Guy, but this is a Smith movie, so it's nearly all dialogue. Two: The Hot Parts Guy singled this scene out:
Not even yet knowing how to change a diaper since grandpa had been doing it until now, Ollie made quite a mess with the talcum powder not only on Gertie but on his nice dark suit as well ... moments before a key presentation to dozens of writers. That scene may sound like a chuckle-maker, especially for all the dads reading this, but Smith decided to use a real baby. A real nude baby. In several shots. While seeing a nude baby is an inevitable and necessary part of bringing up baby, this event was in and as entertainment. I really suspect the views could have been prepared more morally tasteful.
Three: he cites, as an example of "Sexual Immorality:"
• child lifting dress when rising from commode
Aside to The Hot Parts Guy's neighbors: if he offers to babysit, make something up.

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