Tuesday, February 22, 2005


The very popular Superman Is A Dick has a new home and a broader mission. Just so you know: I don't personally believe that Superman is a dick.


El Duque said...


How many times has Superman saved humanity? Fifty? A hundred? Five hundred?

Yes, he's a dick. Big deal. So is Barry Bonds. So is Manny Ramirez. But they, like Superman, put up the big numbers, year after year.

Next time Braniac visits, who do you want fighting him? Javier Vasquez? Ryan Secrest?

Jason said...

Ryan Secrest is an extraordinary superhero, his might rivals that of Superman and with a power boost funneled through his Gravitatorix (which serves as a bridge between his home planet of Xixor and Earth) he can most likely destroy even Superman.

So yes, I have no problem with Braniac being stopped by Ryan Secrest.

Hell, even without the power boost, provided he has his partner in crime fighting, Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest would distract Braniac with his toothy, white, gorgeous smile while Secrest takes advantage of the situation and pounds on Braniac.

Neither of them stand a chance against Brainiac, however.

Secrest, out!

El Duque said...

Super, Jason,

I should make myself clear:

I stand behind no human man in expressing admiration and respect for Ryan Secrest.

If, in any way, my previous post suggested otherwise, I renounce myself. I rebuke myself. I condemn myself. I sought to be "cool" and failed.

I am an unpleasant person, and I am sorry.

However, I take nothing back about Javier Vasquez. Nothing.