Sunday, February 13, 2005


Superman again. I guess it's his week. From the very funny Superman's Fortress Of Solitude by Rick Stoeckel, at McSweeney's:

...He throws the crystal. It spins like a dagger, cutting the icy winds, until it lands with force and precision, sinking into the core of the area that will become the Fortress of Solitude. Now I wait, Superman thinks.

After several hours of standing and watching and witnessing nothing happening, Superman takes out the crystal's instruction booklet...
LEGO Fortress from Peter's LEGO web site. More pix there.


"crusher" said...

Lego's are MY turf, Buster!

Anonymous said...

Great. There goes MY day. Fuck.


El Duque said...


I have a question about the Leggo picture.

To the left of Superleggo is a yellow structure. Is that Krypto?

Please answer. I've got money on this.

Superfrankenstein said...

El Duque: That looks to me like the giant key to the Fortress door, which Superman made in the shape of an airplane marker to fool passersby.

MW: have you thought about making a Fortress key?