Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Regular visitors know God's Guide To The Hot Parts, the fundamentalist "action project" that fights Hollywood smut by describing it until you're a burning volcano.

Some of you might remember its literary cousin, God's Guide To The Hot Parts: Special Book Unit, which republishes the filthy passages from novels--and only the filthy passages.

If you thought those sites took ministry to its XXX-rated limits--that evangelism has hit some kind of porno barrier that it can never cross--think again. As the world coarsens and nastifies, so do its preachers and watchdogs. It's hard to imagine anything worse than The Hot Part's Guy's descriptions of movies--or Hot Parts: SBU's book excerpts--but an outfit called Parents Television Council figured it out.

Actual clips.

From actual TV shows.

Objectionable TV shows.

These swingers have what you want and they're eager to show it off, right here.

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