Friday, February 04, 2005


Gone conventioning (glug-glug); probably won't indulge my sickness for posting until Monday. If you're in town, stop by Sunday; I'll be subbing for the ailing Mark Waid on the "Pro"--or "Earth-Boltinoff"--Team in the "Secret Infinite Trivia Contest Of Forbidden Champions." So while the Brian Bendises and Gail Simones enrapture fans with teasing hints of their exciting new projects, I'll be bickering with teammates Roy Thomas and Kurt Busiek about the exact punctuation of Johnny Thunder's super-speed formula. I fear this is comics' way of chasing me onto an ice floe and kicking it out to the frigid sea. Goodbye.


Anonymous said...

Not Johnny THUNDER, you fuckwit. Johnny QUICK. Johnny QUICK. Johnny THUNDER said "Cei-U," phonetically interpreted as "Say You." Johnny QUICK had the super-speed formula 3x2(9YZ--

--ah, fuck me. I just walked right into your trap.

Well played, Mr. Peyer. But we will meet again when antibiotics are not an issue. We will meet again.

102 degrees and holding

Superfrankenstein said...

Johnny Quick, right.

What an asset I'll be to the team.

Anonymous said...

And if we'd only let you handle that Monarch of Menace question, we'd have ... um ... well we'd have gotten another answer right, at least.

Lemuel Dorcas!


Superfrankenstein said...

Kurt Busiek, for all of my poseur distance, for which I apologize, I got a chill when we recited the Invaders' battle cry... WITH ROY THOMAS!