Friday, July 29, 2005

The Aristocrats


Comedy from Latter-day Saint Filmmakers:
The Home Teachers: Michael Birkeland (who starred as main character Will Swenson's best buddy in "The Singles Ward") plays a good-hearted but less than zealous home teacher. His new companion (played by comedian Jeff Birk, last seen in the concert film "It's Latter Day Night!") is determined that they will get all of their home teaching done. But it's the last day of the month, and seeing their families will entail a road trip fraught with more pratfalls, mishaps, and mayhem than any Elder's Quorum lesson ever prepared them for.

In the Service of God: In "In the Service of God" we find a young man named Peter about to propose to his girlfriend Molly. But before doing so he learns that Molly would never agree to marry a man who didn't do his home teaching. It's the last day of the month, and Peter has not done his home teaching, and he scrambles to visit his families (after finding out who they are) before popping the question to Molly.

Goin' Coconuts starring Donny & Marie Osmond!

PLUS: A movie called Funky Town with, apparently, an all-white cast, and Cheers: The Complete First Season!


Goody said...

From "Funky Town:" One second a corrupt cop is threatening the film's main character, and seconds later there is a rousing production number about enjoying nachos and sombreros in sunny Mexico.
...tempting, isn't it?

Patrick Joseph said...

Hi. Long time reader, first time commenter.

In addition to having an exciting career as a small press cartoonist, I vacation by running a video store 45 hours a week. We carry Home Teachers and other fine LDS films at our store.

The recently released Baptists At Our Barbecue asks the madcap question "what if a town full of Latter Day Saints' were invaded by Baptists?" Zaniness and hilarity ensue, as these two splinter cells of Christianty face off on the Fourth of July.

This title seems to rent well. Seems to. The LDS community is as loyal to its' film making community as horror afficianatos, homosexuals, and indy film snobs are to theirs.

I'm amused by any religion that has a zippy acronym for a name.