Monday, July 18, 2005

ITEM! How can I be happy unless I know every thought in your head? With help from a reluctant El Duque, I've amped my polls up to the maximum intrusiveness allowed by law! Go to the sidebar and punch the names you hate the most, then come back next week when your winners face fresh challengers!

Who's Worse? is brought to you by: A.H.O.Y

And by: Our Alternate Sponsor!
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Jacob "H" Tucker said...

I voted for Tom Cruise because his knowledge of the history of psychiatry intimidates me.

Loganite said...

Karl Rove is clearly the early favorite for A.H.O.Y. I mean, c'mon, whose acts this year could be more dastardly than what he has been revealed to have done. Bet against him at your peril.

-- L.