Sunday, July 10, 2005

Links Of Fury

New UK Memo: Secret US/UK Plan To Withdraw From Iraq!

A Quiz I Flunked: Could You Roll With Lindsay?
[Via Thighs Wide Shut]

Swarming Manly Tinkerbells: We must never forget the courage, strength and loyalty of the Supermen Emergency Squad! Here they are on three sensational covers!

Find your all-time favorite machine at the Internet Pinball Database!

A terrible title for a children's CD [Via Metafilter]

Christ, That Dog's Big!


Greg said...

I also flunked. Alas, I cannot roll with Lindsay.

Superfrankenstein said...

I slept on this whole rolling with Lindsay matter, and I woke up thinking: what makes fucking Lindsay think she's so fucking qualified to roll with me? Could she pass my test?

Lindsay, if you're reading this:

Let's say you were chilling with Superfrankenstein in Los Angeles. Basically, everyone would be eyeing your table, but you could expect Superfrankenstein to freak out if this person walks in. He's a big fan.

(A) Scott McClellan
(B) Kelly Ripa
(C) Jared From Subway

Well, Lins? You don't have the first fucking idea, do you?

Des said...

You might know a bit about Lindsay but certainly not enough to be best buds. You're more like a distant cousin. No worries!"

Yeah! Distant cousins! Think it's distant enough know?